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Damsons give a full bodied fruitiness to the rich, complex flavours.
Deceptively easy-drinking, premium strength golden ale
This world class helles lager is brewed with the best ingredients and is a treat for all beer lovers
Pale gold, bright and effervescent, it's a fantastic example of a pale German lager.
New England IPA
West Coast Style American IPA
Pale ale with a punchy hop aroma.
Stout with huge toffee aromas and delicious caramel undertones
Dry hopped strong IPA with Citra hops
A distinctive fruity pale ale, well balanced with a powerful floral bouquet
A rich golden IPA
Golden pilsner
This bold West Coast IPA offers an explosive hop burst and impeccable clean finish.
Zinnebir is a golden, perfectly balanced Pale Ale.
Full-bodied hell with hops from Hallertau
Gwatkin Vintage Cider is a classic recipe of cider apples which are matured for that little bit longer
Extra Dry. Gwatkin Scrumpy, as the name suggests, is “the proper stuff”
Pale Rider is one of the most loved pale ales.
Fruited Gose with Kiwi, Honeydew & Lime
Butterscotch sweetness is balanced by hop bitterness in this dark winter warmer.
A true Bavarian specialty wheat beer
Bold, full bodied rustic ale.
Mosaic, Cashmere and Chinook hopped pale ale. 5.2%
Cherry Cola Slushy Sour -5% - Welcome back to our slushy stand!
Easy drinking stout using 6 malts and English Bramling cross hops.
Robust full bodied stout with coffee and pistachio flavouring.
US style IPA hopped with Mosiac and Talus 5.5%
Light, exceptionally well balanced smooth ale with a light hop finish
Naturally cloudy and shining silky-gold in the glass
5 litre mini keg. No. 1 Weissbier in Germany
Weissbier Dunkel unfiltered, strong, and nutty dark wheat beer.
A deep amber coloured lager hopped with Hallertau Mittlefruh.
Classic west coast bitterness wouldn’t go amiss amid a tidal wave of modern juicy beers.5.0%
Vaulting Polly is a Mango and El Dorado sour - pairing the natural sweetness of mango with a dry hop charge of El Dorado to bring a shedload of sticky tropical notes
Ales and Stout Variety Pack contains 6 x 355ml bottles.
Bamberg's speciality smoked beer. 
Lightly smoky wheatbeer
With its amber-mahogany colouring it is pleasantly fruity with a classic wheat beer aroma.
English India Pale Ale, darker than expected, full bodied and well balanced.
A modern classic ipa
IPA, full-bodied and packed with New World hops
Cherry Liqueur Marshmallow Porter
Triple Chocolate Nougat Marshmallow Porter
Toasted White Coconut Marshmallow Porter
American Red IPA.
American Amber Ale
New England Pale Ale – Hazy 5.0%
The tropical taste of ripe guava, zesty mandarin, and luscious mango will transport you to sun-soaked shores
A saviour and saint to many each Sunday, our take on the nation’s favourite soft drink is back again
West Coast IPA
Hoppy IPA
Cavendish is a beautifully balanced blonde with subtly grapefruit aromas
At 5.4% this is a velvety smooth, chocolatey stout
A complex and undeniably satisfying sip.
A medium dry cyder