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A blend of 1, 2, and 3 year-old lambic unfiltered and unpasteurized.
Traditional kriek lambic
A classic porter giving a rich full flavoured taste.
6.0 Tropical Stout
6% Single Hopped IPA
Bock. A beer that has a dominant malty taste.
The recipe for this beer goes right back to monastery traditions.
Citra and NZ Cascade hopped IPA
Mosiac and Waimea Hopped IPA
Passion Fruit Guava Mango Coconut version of our Mana sours
IPA brewed with Citra, Galaxy and Sabro. It’s all tangerine and passionfruit.
Made exclusively with Mosaic hops this 6% IPA is scarily sessionable for a 6 percenter!
7.5% double IPA hopped with Cashmere, Galaxy , Citra and Vic Secret.
A strong lager type ale
West Coast IPA
Golden blonde beer, always popular.
Dark brown beer with a rich and distinctive aroma.
Oak aged Barleywine
A deliciously dank aroma sets the stage, followed by ripe mango and papaya flavours.
Hooked On 586 is the next in a series of intense double dry hopped IPAs
Despite its low alcohol content, it produces a very rich, long lasting, full flavour.
Hopped Amber IPA
A new pair of Contrast Series IPAs featuring Mosaic and Amarillo.
Made from a blend of old fashioned varieties of pears
The fresh ripe raspberries tantalise the senses
This scintillating golden ale boasts a rich aroma with a light malty and sweet taste.
Has a rich malty flavour with a touch of sweetness.
Milk Stout w/ Brazilian Coffee , Hazelnut and Vanilla.
Naughty Luggage is a New England style IPA.
A delicious motherboard of hops are doing it right within this hazy IPA.
Classic Double Bock.
IPA hopped with Simcoe, Mosaic & Idaho Gem
The biggest hop bill bar none of our birthday beers - think Amarillo, Cascade, Nelson, Strata, Rakau and Waimea, for a NZ/US hop bomb of an IPA. 6.6%
A perfect drink for a summers evening.
Golden in colour, lightly sparkling with fresh apple aroma.
A rich flavourful brew with complex a flavour.
Grand Reserve is a darker, stronger special edition beer.
An ultra crisp West Coast IPA
IPA with HBC 586 & Idaho 7  6.5%
A Danish delicacy is the inspiration for our latest pastry sour; a collaboration with Væskebalancen
Pear sweetness and subtle cinnamon with smooth, creamy vanilla creating a sorbet-like mouthfeel.
Raspberry, almond, cinnamon & Vanilla, dry-hopped Citra. Hazy like a dream, with your head in raspberry clouds.
This decadent dessert sour has a taste so real you could almost serve it by the slice!
Award-winning and beautifully balanced strong Norfolk ale.