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A classic porter giving a rich full flavoured taste.
Damsons give a full bodied fruitiness to the rich, complex flavours.
6.0 Tropical Stout
A traditional amber Bitter.
Single Malt and Hop Series - Motueka hopped pale ale.
A light refreshing, crisp blonde beer brewed with extra pale malt.
True Porter brewed to a classic Victorian recipe
Amber bitter
Oak aged Barleywine
Single hop neipa.
Dark lager with deep red colour and a bouquet and flavour of spicy toffee and caramel
Beautifully balanced with notes of citrus, peach and passion fruit.
Pale Rider is one of the most loved pale ales.
A light pale ale hopped with El Dororado and Ekuanot.
Rich, full bodied porter with added Almond flavouring 4.5%
American pale ale dry hopped with HBC 522.
Easy drinking stout using 6 malts and English Bramling cross hops.
Single hopped Cascade American pale ale. Big wallops of citrus in every mouthful!
Citrus in a glass, the hop that keeps on delivering. 
Robust full bodied stout with coffee and pistachio flavouring.
Full bodied Stout 4.5%
Porter infused with Pistachio flavouring.
Dark Mild with a twist, brewed with five different malts and English hops.
Infused post fermentation with Tiramisu flavouring.
US style IPA hopped with Mosiac and Talus 5.5%
Yorkshire Stingo is aged for at least a year in well-used oak casks
Double Stout Aged in Rum & Cognac Barrels
Necessary Evil aged in White Peak English Whisky barrels.
IPA, full-bodied and packed with New World hops
Velvety, dark smooth cherry porter.
American Red IPA.
West Coast IPA
12 x 500ml bottles - 3 x Georgiana, 3 x Red Feather, 3 x Atlas and 3 x Skyline
Cavendish is a beautifully balanced blonde with subtly grapefruit aromas
Sumptuous Golden Ale - Belgian Tripel Style
Highly drinkable platinum-blonde session IPA. It has a bright, crisp flavour reminiscent of lime zest and grapefruit.
Red Feather is a robust auburn ale.
Continental Pale Ale
At 5.4% this is a velvety smooth, chocolatey stout
American Hopped Session IPA.