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This world class helles lager is brewed with the best ingredients and is a treat for all beer lovers
Pale gold, bright and effervescent, it's a fantastic example of a pale German lager.
Bock. A beer that has a dominant malty taste.
“Kellerbier” has a  fine yeasty cloudiness and the pleasantly bitter taste.
Ayinger Pint Glass
2 pint Stein Glass.
The recipe for this beer goes right back to monastery traditions.
Erdinger Half Pint Glass.
Erdinger Weissbier Pint Glass
The golden rich beer with a sophisticated hint of hops.
Unmistakable in character and freshness.
Flensburger Pint Glass
Natur-Radler is always a refreshing pleasure.
Full-bodied hell with hops from Hallertau
5 litre Kolsch Lager mini keg
Deliciously refreshing and very very drinkeable !
German Beer Selection - 12 classic German Beers.
Non alcoholic pilsener pleasure - zero alcohol
A true Bavarian specialty wheat beer
Naturally cloudy and shining silky-gold in the glass
5 litre mini keg. No. 1 Weissbier in Germany
Bavarian brewing techniques and invigorating  natural lemon, result in a low-alcohol beer that's as refreshing as it is satisfying.
5 litre lager mini keg.
This is pure Bavarian life style!
Classic Double Bock.
This isotonic thirst-quencher is brewed using the traditional Paulaner Weissbier technique
Weissbier Dunkel unfiltered, strong, and nutty dark wheat beer.
Black lager using smoked malt dried over fire made of alder wood.
Subtle smokiness without using smoke malt
Bamberg's speciality smoked beer. 
Lightly smoky wheatbeer
Brewed using malts dried over fire with cherry wood.
Eisbock is a stunning little bottle of supercharged Aventinus
Three bottles in this gift pack plus a branded Schneider glass. 
With its amber-mahogany colouring it is pleasantly fruity with a classic wheat beer aroma.
wheat doppelbock with a creamy fine head.
A traditional Helles just as it should be.
The refreshing blend is the perfect balance of tropical sweet & tart.
Pale golden, non-alcoholic pilsener beer.
A refreshing, pale golden pilsener with a clean taste
A refreshing, pale golden pilsener with a clean taste perfectly balanced with hints of barley malt