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Gift Packs

We like to offer a great range of Gift Packs from the UK, Belgium, Germany and Holland.
We can include a Gift Message of your choice in your package.

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4 x 355ml bottles. One each of Cherry, Raspberry, Strawberry and Apricot.
 Great Gift Pack containing 3 x 330ml bottles of Chimay Trappist Ale - 1 Red, 1 White and 1 Blue plus 1 Chimay Glass.
Four varieties of Chimay Trappist Ale and Chimay goblet
4 330ml bottles of the World Beer Award Winning Delirium Tremens plus one glass with the famous Pink Elephant motifs.
Contains 1 x 330ml bottle of Gulden Draak, 1 x 330ml bottle of Gulden Draak 9000 and one Gulden Draak dragon's egg style glass.
This great Gift Set contains 4 different La Trappe Trappist Ales and 1 La Trappe glass.
Contains 3 x 500ml bottles.
Gift Pack containing 2 bottles of Boon Geuze and Boon glass
Contains 3 x 550ml bottles of Samuel Smiths Beers
Three bottles in this gift pack plus a branded Schneider glass. 
Classic gift pack from one of Belgium's most iconic breweries.
3 x 330ml Bottles plus 2 Rochefort tasting Glasses
Contains 4 330ml bottles of Rochefort and 1 Rochefort glass.
4 x 330ml bottles of Tripel Karmeliet and 1 Tripel Kameliet glass.
English Trappist Ale Tynt Meadow
Contains 3 different 500ml bottles of quality beers presented in a Gift Box.
Contains 3 x 330ml bottles and 1 Westmalle glass.