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Imperial Stout

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Chocolate and Hazelnut Imperial Stout 12%
13% Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
12.2% Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
13.2% Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
12.1% Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
11.7% Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
12.4% Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
Hercule is considered by many to be a classic, very malty, but dry, with a hint of sweetness in the finish

Texan BBQ Export Stout 11.0%. We’re turning eight, and we’re celebrating in style!

Long-matured with deep flavours, this is a full-on smooth strong dark ale. 7.5%
Peanut Butter Jelly Imperial Porter 13.3%
Coffee, maple and chocolate, smoked imperial breakfast stout 14.5%
Dark chocolate and toasted coconut imperial stout – 12.6%
Peanut Butter Jelly Imperial Porter – 13.1%
Blueberry Cheesecake imperial porter – 12%
Coffee, maple and chocolate, smoked imperial breakfast stout – 13.8% 
Huge maple and hazelnut pie Imperial Stout.
VERY BELATED(!!!) 7th birthday imperial baklava cheesecake stout 12%
Maple Toffee Pecan Pie Pastry Stout
A rich and decadent Chocolate Cake Imperial Stout brewed with three different types of chocolate. 11%
An indulgent imperial Baltic porter brewed with dried coffee cherries
Welsh Whisky Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 14.5%
A rich flavourful brew with complex a flavour.
Double Stout Aged in Rum & Cognac Barrels
A lovingly crafted imperial stout aged for 8 months in bourbon barrels.