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English IPA using English Fuggles and Goldings hops.
Pale Ale with floral and citrus flavours
Hazy Pale with two of our favourite hops Mosaic and El Dorado
West Coast style American IPA 5.8%
A UK IPA hopped with Jester, Harlequin and Admiral.
IPA hopped with Azacca, Simcoe, Citra and Galaxy 7%
IPA 7.3%. Dry Hopped with Nelson Sauvin, Mosaic, and Galaxy
Dry Hopped with Nelson Sauvin & Galaxy 6.7%
IPA with Citra and Talus 5.2%
IPA dry hopped with mosiac, moteuka and galaxy hops 6.5%
Session IPA bursting with mango flavour & tropical-lemon aroma
West Coast Style American IPA
Session IPA brewed with longtime friends and collaborators Deadbeat and Bonehead in Birmingham. 4.5%
Made exclusively with Mosaic hops this 6% IPA is scarily sessionable for a 6 percenter!
American hopped session IPA
Our first DDH IPA!
Session New England IPA
NEIPA 6%. Brewed in Collaboration with London Doom Legends: Old Horn Tooth!
Big juicy NEIPA. Hopped with Citra Cryo, and later dry hopped with Cashmere and Mosaic Cryo.
An infinitely satisfying golden IPA brewed with 'Citra' hops
Dry hopped strong IPA with Citra hops

West Coast IPA 5.8% Project Mayday is a national collaboration that aims to raise awareness of Men’s Mental Health.

Traditional brewing meets the Pacific Northwest in this West Coast IPA
A rich golden IPA
Single hop neipa.
Hopped Amber IPA
WLP077 Tropicale yeast blend brings the noise by releasing extra tropical aroma compounds into the beer. 6.8%
IPA hopped with Mosaic / Nelson Sauvin 6.3%
This IPA punched above its ABV
Cary'd Away X Notts Bad Movie Club Collab - IPA 5|%
Naughty Luggage is a New England style IPA.
NEIPA 6%. A a weird combo of hops that should place you firmly on a chill tropical beach.
US style IPA hopped with Mosiac and Talus 5.5%
A hop soup of an IPA that has been brewed with Citra and Nectaron hops. 6.8%
IPA 6.1%. Hefty lashings of our Australian wonderhop, Ella.
IPA 7%. A four hop showcase of the freshest crops of Mosaic, Simcoe, Cashmere, and Citra
Sabro hopped India Pale Ale 6.8%
Collab. with Cloudwater. DIPA levels of hop saturation make an IPA positively bursting with tropical flavour notes
Full-flavoured complex ale with an abundance of maltiness and fruity hop character.
English India Pale Ale, darker than expected, full bodied and well balanced.
Hazy IPA 5.4%
A modern classic ipa
It’s the perfect beer to enjoy with great live music
Our latest Hazy IPA offering 6.2%
This beer pairs perfectly with loud and live music!
Who better to brew aWest Coast IPA with than Stone Brewing?
A rich and well hopped English IPA
DDH West Coast IPA, we’ve used Citra YCH 702 Trial  paired alongside Nelson Sauvin & Motueka hops. 7.5%
Delivers a huge hit of passionfruit and peach with accents of bitter orange peel.7%
This beer punches! Noticeable bitterness and a smoot. 7.2%
West Coast IPA
Highly drinkable platinum-blonde session IPA. It has a bright, crisp flavour reminiscent of lime zest and grapefruit.
Vibrant citrus flavours from Citra and El Dorado hops 4.5%
A crisp 5% brew featuring juicy passionfruit, pineapple and guava notes.
IPA, our most aromatic brew.
This IPA is crafted with the best American hops to spark your taste buds. 4.5%