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Mini Kegs

All our mini kegs are 5 litres (8.8 pints) and have inbuilt taps - no dispense equipment is required

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5 Litre (8.8pints) mini keg. Beautifully pale and intensely hoppy beer
5 Litre (8.8pints) mini keg.  An infinitely satisfying golden ale brewed with 'Citra' hops from the USA.
5 litre mini keg, award winning, very pale brilliant blonde beer
A distinctive fruity pale ale 5.0%
5 litre mini keg. No. 1 Weissbier in Germany
5 litre lager mini keg.
A refreshing, pale golden pilsener with a clean taste
Highly drinkable platinum-blonde beer. 3.7%
Aubern Ale. 5 litre.
Bright, crisp pale ale.
Golden ale with notes of passionfruit and orange.
A delicious classic bitter
Award-winning, rich amber ale enjoys floods of flavours.