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Mixed Cases

With all our pre-selected Mixed Case we aim to put a great selection of beers together whichever selection you may choose.
Contents may occasionally vary due to availability but we will always maintain the quality and value of the beers.

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A dozen award winning Bottled Ales from great British Breweries.
Eight iconic Belgian Blonde Ales. Includes tasting notes with a description of each of the beers. 8 x 330ml
Eight iconic Belgian Dark Ales. Includes tasting notes with a description of each of the beers. 8 x 330ml
Contains six iconic Belgian Beers. 6 x 330ml
12 Classic Belgian Beers chosen to offer a great selection of the major Beer Styles of Belgium.
British Bitters Selection.

3 Chimay Red . 3 x Chimay Blue , 2 x Chimay Gold, 2 Green and 2 x Chimay Tripel. 12 x 330ml

German Beer Selection - 12 classic German Beers.
All the beers in this pack are sourced from Independent Breweries all within 25 miles of our Newark on Trent base.
Yorkshire's oldest brewery. Samuel Smith’s ales and stouts are fermented in ‘stone Yorkshire squares’ which give the beers a fuller bodied taste,
A fine selection of top quality Stouts and Porters from great Breweries.
This pack contains some seriously strong beers. Strength ranges from 7% up to 10.5% in a wide variety of beer styles
12 x 500ml bottles - 3 x Georgiana, 3 x Red Feather, 3 x Atlas and 3 x Skyline