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North Riding

We’re a friendly bunch of Yorkshire folk with a passion for all things ale. Since 2015, we’ve been driven by a passion for innovating ales, while sticking to the traditional methods and high quality that you know and love.

The North Riding Brewery is based in the village of Snainton, just outside the seaside town of Scarborough, Yorkshire.

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Rich, full bodied porter with added Almond flavouring 4.5%
American pale ale dry hopped with HBC 522.
Lots of Banoffee goodness added to our desert style dark beer
Blonde ale hopped with Comet and Cascade.
Rich, dark Porter infused with Butterscotch flavours.
Porter infused with caramel flavouring
Single hopped Cascade American pale ale. Big wallops of citrus in every mouthful!
Full bodied Porter
Citrus in a glass, the hop that keeps on delivering. 
Traditional Dark Mild
Porter infused with honey flavouring post fermentation
Full bodied Stout 4.5%
 This is one juicy banger of a pale ale! 
Porter infused with Pistachio flavouring.
Dark Mild with a twist, brewed with five different malts and English hops.
Strong Mild
Infused post fermentation with Tiramisu flavouring.