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Cinnamon and Vanilla Imperial Stout 13%
A delightful rum distilled from sugar cane sourced from the Caribbean packed with ripe bananas.
13% Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
12.2% Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
A strong pale ale brewed with Brewers Gold & Lubelski hops, then slowly fermented with champagne yeast.
A delightful rum bursting with coconut and a hint of lime.
13.2% Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
A delightfully spiced Plum Rum.
12.1% Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
11.7% Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
A delightful rum distilled from sugar cane sourced from the caribbean
12.4% Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
First brewed at Bosteels, transfered to the Champagne region of France were it is treated much like a champagne.
The winter beer from the Achouffe Brewery.
Introduced in 1933 under the name of “Bush Beer”, this is one of the oldest specialty beers in Belgium
Imperial Stout with Cacao & Vanilla Imagine all your favourite chocolate desserts crammed into a single glass.
What a beautiful name for a Christmas beer, by the way, even if we say so ourselves. And with a beautiful name comes an exclusive beer
Imperial Stout. 
This exceptional beer is a special version of the Gouden Carolus Classic. An imperial beer to cherish and enjoy in moderation.
Gouden Carolus Imperial Dark was enriched by an infusion of Gouden Carolus Single Malt whisky.
Barista Chocolate Quad offers clear notes of caramel, toffee and chocolate.
Barista Chocolate Quad offers clear notes of caramel, toffee and chocolate.
Cuvée du Château is comparable to that of an aged Kasteel Donker
Malty beer with touches of caramel, coffee and chocolate coming from the roast malt.
An acclaimed beer with a stunning amber colour and a warm, intense flavour.
Imperial S'Mores Stout (500th Brew / 3 Sons Collab) - 12% - Our 500th gyle(!)
Imperial Fruited Gose
Christmas Pudding Imperial Stout - 11%

White Chocolate, Honey & Pistachio Imperial Stout - 12% -

Red Velvet Cake Imperial Pastry Sour. 10%
Dark Island reserve is a rich strong Orcadian Ale. The beer is finished in old oak casks formerly used to mature fine scotch malt whisky. ​​​​​​
An indulgent imperial Baltic porter brewed with dried coffee cherries
A Cognac, Sherry, and Islay whisky BA Imperial Porter.
None of that adjunct fuss here, we’re letting our malt do the talking, and Makemake’s expertise has certainly lead to a level above our usual impy game. 10%
Eisbock is a stunning little bottle of supercharged Aventinus
Straffe Hendrik Quadruple is a rich and intense dark beer.
A rich and intense dark Belgian ale.
A lovingly crafted imperial stout aged for 8 months in bourbon barrels.
Necessary Evil aged in White Peak English Whisky barrels.
A perfect combination of malty, sweet and hopbitter tastes