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A blend of 1, 2, and 3 year-old lambic unfiltered and unpasteurized.
Traditional kriek lambic
Passion Fruit Guava Mango Coconut version of our Mana sours
Fruited Gose with Kiwi, Honeydew & Lime
Imperial Fruited Gose
Cherry Cola Slushy Sour -5% - Welcome back to our slushy stand!
Red Velvet Cake Imperial Pastry Sour. 10%
Vaulting Polly is a Mango and El Dorado sour - pairing the natural sweetness of mango with a dry hop charge of El Dorado to bring a shedload of sticky tropical notes
This dessert sour combines juicy strawberries with  luxurious taste of creamy chocolate.
A Danish delicacy is the inspiration for our latest pastry sour; a collaboration with Væskebalancen
Our campfire favourite is back, this time with even S’more maple and chocolatey goodness.
The tropical taste of ripe guava, zesty mandarin, and luscious mango will transport you to sun-soaked shores
A saviour and saint to many each Sunday, our take on the nation’s favourite soft drink is back again
Pear sweetness and subtle cinnamon with smooth, creamy vanilla creating a sorbet-like mouthfeel.
Raspberry, almond, cinnamon & Vanilla, dry-hopped Citra. Hazy like a dream, with your head in raspberry clouds.
This decadent dessert sour has a taste so real you could almost serve it by the slice!