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Rich dark stout
A warming roast character meets cooling vanilla and creamy lactose. 5.5%
Salted caramel stout
Oatmeal Stout 5.0%
Very smooth with a hint of chocolate and Amaretto.
Guerrilla stout to with the finest chocolate extract
Guerrilla stout with the addition of the finest chocolate extract and orange oil
Stout with huge toffee aromas and delicious caramel undertones
A dark enriched ‘black and white’ stout
Hercule is considered by many to be a classic, very malty, but dry, with a hint of sweetness in the finish
Rich and full bodied stout
Full bodied Stout 4.5%
A traditional original recipe classic oatmeal stout... 'It's food and drink in a glass.'
Wonderfully silky and smooth stout with a complex palate and bittersweet finish.
Our award winning Krubera stout is brewing with a wonderful secret blend of 100% arabica coffee.
Double Stout Aged in Rum & Cognac Barrels
Smooth and creamy, balanced stout.