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Classic west coast bitterness wouldn’t go amiss amid a tidal wave of modern juicy beers.5.0%
None of that adjunct fuss here, we’re letting our malt do the talking, and Makemake’s expertise has certainly lead to a level above our usual impy game. 10%
The biggest hop bill bar none of our birthday beers - think Amarillo, Cascade, Nelson, Strata, Rakau and Waimea, for a NZ/US hop bomb of an IPA. 6.6%
Vaulting Polly is a Mango and El Dorado sour - pairing the natural sweetness of mango with a dry hop charge of El Dorado to bring a shedload of sticky tropical notes
Cherry Liqueur Marshmallow Porter
Triple Chocolate Nougat Marshmallow Porter
Toasted White Coconut Marshmallow Porter